Nudging Inequality

Perceptions of Inequality in Australia

and the impact of Nudge Economics


Equity Economics has produced a new report on the perceptions of inequality in Australia. Drawing on the first randomised control trial of its kind in Australia, this original research lead by Chris Hoy from the ANU,  provides insights into the perceptions and misperceptions of inequality in Australia.

Further, by ‘nudging’ respondents, the survey explores how people’s perceptions of inequality change with factual information such as their place in the income distribution and the experience of inequality in Australia.

This study provides important insights into the importance of ensuring people have access to the facts if we are to build support for policies that will ensure more inclusive growth in Australia. The findings are relevant to policy makers, politicians, advocate and anyone with an interest in ensuring public policy and debate is based on evidence.

You can read a short blog on the results here

Read the Australian report here

And if you are really interested, read the detailed academic research here