Equity Economics was established in 2013 to provide quality economic analysis and policy advice to the not for profit, corporate and government sectors.

Our expertise includes economic analysis, policy advice, research, advocacy and strategy. With experienced domestic and international economist and policy analyst, Equity Economics is able to provide a range of services to our clients.

With a particular interest in the not for profit sector, Equity Economics aims to provide organisations with access to the skills and expertise they may not otherwise have available in-house but require to deliver effective strategies and influence policy debates.

Our services include:

  • Policy advice and research
  • Preparation of submissions and reports
  • Project design and delivery
  • Advocacy and government engagement strategy

Areas of policy and research expertise:

  • Fiscal and budget policy
  • Economic development
  • Microeconomic reform
  • Health and social policy
  • Strategy development and planning

Equity Economics is unique in its focus on addressing issues surrounding inequality. Economics is often seen as a trade off between efficiency and equity. Equity Economics works to reflect both outcomes in its analysis and advice.

As experienced economists and policy advisers, Equity Economics offers access to quality technical and strategic skills to deliver work that will promote access and equity in the economic and policy problems faced by our clients.